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Traditional Stairs To Allure Your Eyes

The captivating décor elements ranging from smooth handrails and feature posts to Canadian craftsmanship in making decorative balusters have made traditional spindles an integral part of our architecture.

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Delight in the Unique Beauty of Traditional Spindle Stairs

MAGNASTAIRS believes that the classic design of traditional stairs is a result of fusing together old-fashioned features and modern technology. These sturdy, well-balanced pieces combine tradition with innovation to create an efficient way for you to climb up or down your building without any problems whatsoever!


Traditional stairs designs prioritize oak wood as compared to any other material.


Limited information, which does not take away from the whole artistic charm.


Traditional stairs design which is square in shape to represent the styles of the modern world and on the other hand, built out of Oak wood similar to the traditional ways.


We Make Your Traditional Stairs Uniquely Yours

Staircases are a traditional part of Canadian architecture, and it’s important to get the right colour for your stairs. At MAGNASTAIRS, we help you choose between stain or paint to find what best suits how they look and other elements like the design type on each tread.


MAGNASTAIRS is committed to producing a quality product that will last a lifetime. We know your stair’s importance and will ensure they’re sturdy no matter what happens! Whether it’s steel, metal or iron, we’ve got the perfect choice for any home providing both style and durability in one package!

With our guarantee, you can put your mind at ease and know that even if your stairs get exposed to harsh environmental conditions for decades, they will remain in great shape.

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