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Beauty in Design, Strength in Simplicity

The sleek and modern alternative to traditional stair railing systems. Glass railing is strong, minimalistic, and always in style.

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Railing That’s Customized Just for You

MAGNASTAIRS is a leading supplier of glass railings for indoor and outdoor stairs. We offer both straight as well curved designs that can be customized according to your needs, whether it’s in compliance with building codes or not! Our team works closely alongside engineers from all over Ontario who are experienced when handling these complicated requirements so we always do our best effort possible on delivering fresh designs tailored just for you.


Staircase With a View

MAGNASTAIRS Glass railings are sleek, modern staircases that provide an alternative to the traditional system. Their strength allows them to stand up against external forces and their minimalistic design offers you pristine views of your surroundings which is why building these types in glass was quite challenging for designers but rewarding when completed!

Stay Connected To The View!

With clear sight lines, the glass railing is the perfect complement to your modern stair treads. Whether you are design-savvy or not, these sleek modern stair railings are an elegant upgrade.

The Most Sturdy, Durable and High-Grade Glass Railing in Ontario.

We at MAGNASTAIRS offer the most durable and high-grade glass railing in Ontario. Our experts build this modern stair with exclusive architectural GLASS that has been treated to achieve necessary strength, making our railings highly durable!



MAGNASTAIRS is committed to producing a quality product that will last a lifetime. We know your stair’s importance and will ensure they’re sturdy no matter what happens! Whether it’s steel, metal or iron, we’ve got the perfect choice for any home providing both style and durability in one package!

With our guarantee, you can put your mind at ease and know that even if your stairs get exposed to harsh environmental conditions for decades, they will remain in great shape.

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