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Sleek and Floating Staircase for your Living Space

Create a wide ambience in your residence or commercial building with our sleek floating stairs. Find your new and sleek floating staircase which floats in mid-air and exuberates elegance in your living space.

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Floating Stairs, the New Way to Achieve a Modern Look

What’s not love about a staircase that can change shape and dimensions with your needs? With the floating stairs, you’ll never be stuck for space again! The floating stairs are one of the most modern, minimalistic and spacious designs in home decor.


Float Your Way to a Spacious and Modern Look.

MAGNASTAIRS’s floating stairs provide an open and inviting look which is ideal for huge spaces with modern aesthetics. The term floating stairs describes it perfectly. These stairs are installed in a manner where they remain afloat in the air without the dependency of support underneath it. It is propelled only by the support from an adjacent wall. This untethered design model gives them an open look and labels them as an ideal option for achieving a spacious feel in any room or space.

Attractive Design Plus Great Functionality

At MAGNASTAIRS we specialize in floating stairs. Our team of talented professionals has worked hard over the years to come up with innovative and bespoke stair designs to demonstrate the illusion of light wood planks levitating in the air. This design model of an open plan air-borne staircase allows vast light to flood into the room or basement whilst being the center of attention within the space. It sure is to get you amazing compliments from your guests when they visit and stare at a marvellous staircase with suspended treads in glass, concrete wood or acrylic. They ooze such elegance, that they are bound to catch the attention of every visitor.

Luxury, Trust and Design at Its Finest

MAGNA STAIRS understands the impact a well-chosen and thoughtfully planned staircase design can make your entire theme of residential space or commercial project. There are various factors and things to be considered whilst deciphering the ideal staircase which meets your level of expectations along with the requirements of your space. Precisely why, MAGNA STAIRS gives full liberty to our clients and an extensive range of colours and materials to choose from for their desired outcome. Our expert designers and consultants are forever present on board to guide you regarding the lasts trends, themes and how to amalgamate that with your own personal touch to the final design.



MAGNASTAIRS is committed to producing a quality product that will last a lifetime. We know your stair’s importance and will ensure they’re sturdy no matter what happens! Whether it’s steel, metal or iron, we’ve got the perfect choice for any home providing both style and durability in one package!

With our guarantee, you can put your mind at ease and know that even if your stairs get exposed to harsh environmental conditions for decades, they will remain in great shape.

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