Capri Double Stringer Stairs

Give Your Home an Edge Over the Competition.

MAGNASTAIRS double stringer stairs are a versatile option that provides unprecedented stability and functionality to homeowners or contractors. Not only do they offer robust features, but their sleek design will make your space ultra-modern with open layouts in mind!

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Double the Beauty. Double the Stability.

These stairs are a work of art and will provide you with the perfect platform to display all your prized possessions. The term double stringer stair is based on its support system which consists of two beams, ensuring maximum stability for any given space while also providing enough room underneath so that there’s no need in adding more structural supports to it!

The design and structure of our double stringer stair masterpiece will mesmerize all your guests who have the pleasure to behold it. The final outcome, delivered by MAGNASTAIRS gives an inviting open space perfect for minimalists that leave behind a lasting impression on you or anyone else viewing this stunning work!


A Modern, Stylish and Unique Take On Traditional Stairs.

The double-string stairs have a mighty and bold appearance that truly stands out. To make the entire structure even more impressive, you can customize its colour according to your choice from an extensive range of beautiful colours for maximum flair!

Unique  Design

Customizable Colour

Easy Installation

Strong and Durable

Robust Functionality and a Luxurious Appeal

Double stringer stairs provide unprecedented stability and functionality to homeowners. Not only do they offer robust features, but their sleek design will make your space ultra-modern with open layouts in mind! Double stringer stairs use two supporting members under the steps and from outside edges for their structure to achieve a floating look. These are cheaper than the single beam, but provide more stability with a less aesthetic appeal which makes them perfect if you’re looking at saving money on a construction project or want an ultra-modern space without compromising design goals.


Benefits Of Double Stringer Staircase For Your Space:


Provides additional stability via leveraging the support of twin beams in your stairs


Incurs less cost


A versatile design module makes it highly suitable for various projects owing to its easy configuration.


The support system allows better usage of additional space


All elements can be customized to produce a personalized, one-of-a-kind masterpiece stair that matches your taste.


MAGNASTAIRS is committed to producing a quality product that will last a lifetime. We know your stair’s importance and will ensure they’re sturdy no matter what happens! Whether it’s steel, metal or iron, we’ve got the perfect choice for any home providing both style and durability in one package!

With our guarantee, you can put your mind at ease and know that even if your stairs get exposed to harsh environmental conditions for decades, they will remain in great shape.

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